Please note that during these lessons you will be working closely with your SPOT ON textbook.

In this first lesson we will be recapping on Algebra as was discussed in term one.    PAGE 99 - 112 SPOT ON

Please take note of the algebraic language that we did.

Constant: a term that only has a number.

Coefficients: number that is in front of variable.

Variable: when we use a letter of the alphabet for an unknown value.

Term: made up of coefficients and variables.

Expression: mathematical sentence with one or more terms, that are separated by + or - signs.

More of these can be found in your textbook. 

Take special note of the conventions in algebra.

An expression should be laid out from terms with variables (highest exponent first, alphabetically), moving on to the last term that has the constant term only. 

Remember that signs are important. Take note of the signs.

WORK: Do activity 8.1 (page 101): The activity is to be completed in your exercise books. It must have today's date (09 June 2020) and a heading Revision of Algebraic Language 

Once the activity is completed, a picture of it can be sent through to your maths teacher on WhatsApp. When sending through pictures, please include in the message

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If these details are not present, you will not receive the answers. This will in a way be our register of your work.

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