GEO: Mapwork Contour Lines (lesson 1)


Maps show us a view of the land from directly above. We will learn skills to identify different types of maps as well as different features on the maps. When looking at maps we use different colours and symbols to show different features of the land. 

Unit 1: Contour Lines

Contour lines are very important on maps, as they show us height. eg, The height and shape of a hill or mountain are shown in the pattern made by the contour lines. As we can see in Figure 1, the images show the same hill from a side view and a top view. The actual lines drawn on on the map are called Contour Lines. 

Contour lines can be used to provide information on different heights, different shapes and to show rivers, valleys and flat land. This is called the Topography of the land.

Contour lines connect areas of equal elevation (height) above sea level. If you physically follow a contour line the elevation will stay the same and wont change. 

Contour lines that are bold and have small numbers on them show the height above seas level in meters. They may show contour lines every 20 meters, 50 meters or 100 meters. The distance between the contour lines is called the contour interval. 






Lesson Questions

What do we call the space between the contour lines?  

A) Contour Interval

B) Contour Index

C) Contour lines

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Contour lines connect areas of the same .......... ?

A) Distance

B) Height 

C) Shape

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Contour intervals can go up in ........ ? 

A) 20m, 50m & 100m 

B) 10m, 20m & 200m 

C) 50m, 100m & 150m 

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