Geometrical Constructions (Term 1 - 2021)

Good day to all our Grade 9 Technology students for 2021

We hope you are all well rested and ready to tackle your schoolwork with a lot of enthusiasm.

Our online teaching and work procedure will be as follows:


Mr G. Schrade   Technology Teacher email:

Mr G. Schrade classes are:           9J,  9B,  9M


Mr K. Jailos         Technology Teacher email:

Mr K. Jailos classes are:                 9A,  9C,  9L

Please use the Apollo online teaching platform to receive the necessary work for learning, test and assessment purposes.


For students that cannot attend school, must email all their necessary work to the respective emails mentioned above. 


Please find the pdf work files with all given instructions on each worksheet.


Good luck and work hard.