Introducing Grade 10 Life Sciences, 2021

Please find attached an Orientation Slide and The Year Plan.

The Orientation slide explains how you must approach Life Sciences, if you wish to enjoy it and do well in it. It is a Content Subject, and this means that you will be given a lot of information that you need to concentrate on throughout the year. Your Work Book contains questions that you need to answer at the end of studying each section, so as to consolidate your knowledge properly. Please answer these questions on your own. Do not just copy down the answers given to you - nobody benefits from this, and it is a lazy approach that will backfire when you need to write tests and exams. So use these Answers only to correct what you have done.

The Year Plan shows the sections that need to be covered each week, as well as the assessments for each term.  It also gives an idea of what will be tested in each assessment. It is included here so that you can keep a constant check on how you are progressing. It tells you which sections you are supposed to be studying each week, and so you will be able to see if you are ahead, or if you need to catch up.

With the Year Plan to guide you, you have all the equipment you need to keep up with your studies in this subject on the days you are at home. You have the Study Guide and the Apollo Slides for information, the Work Books for questions (and their Answers) for consolidation, and your Q & A section of the Study Guide to check your knowledge with Questions (and Answers) from past Exam Papers.

If you do everything properly, you will enjoy the subject, and will do well in it.