Inorganic Compounds (Term 1, Week 2: 22-26 February)

We start the syllabus by looking at the Chemistry of Life. We start with the Inorganic Compounds, on pages 1-2 of the Study Guide, and with their WorkBook questions (also pages 1-2). Link this information to the slides that we have attached. Learn how to identify Inorganic Compounds, and why they are important for life.

NOT REQUIRED FOR EXAMS IN 2021: The 10-line paragraph at the top of page 2, headed USE OF FERTILIZERS(including EUTROPHICATION).

If you have not yet bought a set of books, please do so as soon as possible. Pay R100 to the Finance Secretary, bring your receipt to Mr Theron or to Mrs Ramchurran, and they will stamp your receipt and return it to you with your complete set of books. Without the books, you do not have the toolsto study our Content Subject. (These slides on Apollo are merely designed to consolidate the information in the books.)

It has come to our notice that Exam Fever has given us two different Work Books with different questions in them for 2021. The Answers to the Old Books will appear on your Apollo Slides with your notes. The Answers to the New Books will be posted separately, also on Apollo.

We emphasise again that the Questions are there to help you to consolidate your work. You need to do them properly, and only look at the Answers when you correct them!