Cell Structure (Term 1, Weeks 6 and 7, 23 March - 1 April).

Moving from the section of microscopes, we study the structure of the basic building block of all forms of life (namely, Cells).

In the first week we will focus on the potentially complex details of the Plant Cell - this is shown in a detailed annotated diagram in the Study Guide, and is further explained in your Slides.

In the second week, we will look at the similar structure of the Animal Cell. Identify differences between plant cells and animal cells, and how each of them operate.s

The concept of diffusion is explained - it is a very important process to understand.

As you progress through the study, keep answering the Questions in the Work Book - these must be completed and corrected by the 1st of April.

Be aware that the Year Plan for this subject (given to you in our first set of notes on Apollo) has been even further updated. It will be worth your re-visiting this set of slides for added details and up-dates.