Mitosis (Term 1, Week 8, 6-9 April)

This is the way in which all body cells divide to reproduce. There are many other reasons for this happening, depending on the type of organism you are studying (as you will see in your notes).

(It also forms the basis of understanding another important form of cell division called meiosis, which we will only study in matric.)

NOT REQUIRED FOR EXAMS IN 2021: The Green Block covering most of Page 17 concerning CANCER.

PLEASE NOTE: Go back to the section that we studied on the Apollo, on INORGANIC COMPOUNDS - soil fertilisation and eutrophication have been removed from our syllabus for 2021.

In fact, go back to the Adjusted Year Plan in our first Apollo lesson - it summarises the changes that the Department has made to our syllabus to make it easier for us in 2021. These changes (if they apply to that section) will be indicated with each set of Apollo lessons, as they are presented to you each week.

Keep working on the Questions, and their Corrections.