Supporting Systems and Movement in Animals (Term 2, Week 6, 7-11 June)

There is a lot to cover this week. We will first remind ourselves of the different kinds of skeletons in animals, and then we will study the skeleton of the human. The names of the different BONES and their details are all clearly put across, with words and diagrams, in your Study Guide. We then look at the different kinds of JOINTS possible, where one bone will join onto another. And this is followed by a study of the MUSCLES attached to these bones to allow them to move.

In 2021, for the SKELETAL MUSCLE (page 45), just be aware of muscle's BASIC STRUCTURE and that it is attached to the bones by TENDONS (bottom of page 46) and that it causes these bones to MOVE.

Finally, we investigate the possible DISORDERS that all of these can face, on pages 45 and 46. In 2021, these disorders will NOT be required for the Exams.

As always, we finish the section be answering the questions in the Workbook, and by marking them.