Biosphere and Biomes (Term 3, Weeks 1-2, 26 July - 6 August)

Biospheres are briefly introduced - they are simply all types of places on earth in which life can live.

Biomes are distinctly characterisic regions. We look at those identified as Terrestrial Biomes in Southern Africa. The Study Guide discusses them (mostly) on a map, and your slides go into interesting detail, with colourful pictures. Deal with this in Week 1. This study is then extended into Week 2, when we look at the different Aquatic Biomes of Southern Africa, all influenced by bodies of water.

In 2021 you must be aware of all these BIOMES, but you will not be examined on any of their details.

They all make a very interesting study, and you must consolidate on this knowledge by answering the questions in your Work Book, and then correcting them.