Biotic Factors and Energy Flow (Term 3, Week 4, 16-20 August)

You will be reminded of the different kinds of living (biotic) organisms.

Producers are the plants that take in the sun's energy and produce the food.

Consumers eat the food. They can be Herbivores that eat only plants, Carnivores that eat only animals, or Omnivores that eat plants as well as animals.

Decomposers break down what is left of any dead biotic item after all this.

They are linked in Food Chains, that combine to form Food Webs. These can also be shown as Food Pyramids. You can trace how the food energy moves through these chains and webs.

Be aware of the Summary of Biotic Factors at the end of this section in your Study Guide. (On page 72 of the New Book.)

As you finish each section, answer the questions. Then correct them at the end, using the answers provided.