Transport of Water in Plants (Term 2, Week 4, 24-28 May)

In the past few weeks, we studied the Leaf and the Stem. We will now see how these structures are used so as to move water and food through the plant.

NOT REQUIRED FOR EXAMS FOR 2021 IN THIS SECTION: The paragraph on GUTTATION (on page 35) and the paragraph on WILTING on page 37.

This week we will focus on the movement of water. The xylem is like a straw, made out of dead hollow cells, and Nature has provided a number of different forces to pull the water from the soil, through the plant, and out through little holes in the leaf. Understand the practicals described at the end of this section.

If you have time, start answering the questions relating to water movement. The answers to the Old Book are attached here, and the answers to the New Book will be posted next week. DO THEM PROPERLY!

Lesson Questions