Blood Transport in Humans, Part 1 (Term 2, Week 7, 14-18 June)

This week we start to look at the systems in our bodies that drive our blood, which is carrying things to (and from) the different parts of your body.

The types of circulatory systems available to animals are explained, as is the structure of the heart. You must understand how that structure works in order to act as a pump for your blood.

NOT FOR EXAMS IN 2021: Mechanisms controlling the heart beat and heart rate (on page 50), linked with the Pulse rate and blood pressure.

We also look at possible problems we can experience as a human, linked with the heart and the blood. In 2021, this section will NOT be examined, on page 51, from Bood Pressure.

Start answering the questions that you can. (The New Book answers will appear next week.)

If you have time, you can take the pressure off yourself for next week by moving ahead in your Study Guide, into the next part of this Section.