Microscopes (Term 1, Week 5, 15-19 March)

In order to prepare ourselves to study the cell, we need to know how it is possible that we can see such tiny units. And that is done through the microscope.

You need to know its Structure and the Names of each part. Also, how it works so that we can see tiny stuctures.

Know and understand the steps described in making a wet mount on a microscope slide so that you can put your cells onto it, and look at them. A popular one to use in our classes is the outer (epidermal) layer of cells in an onion. A picture of this is shown quite clearly in your Slides.

Part of the syllabus also requires you to know how to calculate the actual size (in micro-metres) of the cell. The Study Guide shows two ways, depending on what information is given to you. Have a look at these (step by step), and understand how they get to their answer in each case.

Questions have been set on this section. Answer them, and then Correct your answers.